PRICEWalgren can assemble a team of proven performers with individual expertise to provide a complete turnkey system. These systems have attracted considerable attention in the surface finishing industry and we believe the recognition comes from the fact that we work as a team and listen to our customers.

Hoist Structures

Typical hoist structures are fabricated using heavy wall steel tubing. Tubular steel is used primarily for its superior strength in torsion, impact damage resistance, and over all aesthetic value. There are also fewer horizontal surface areas on tubing versus ‘I’ type beam for dust and dirt to accumulate.

Process Hoists

A PRICEWalgren standard is the Top-Running style of hoist.  Whether it is a gantry, a rail rider or a side arm hoist, we recommend running on top with a friction type polyurethane wheels.  The hoist is quiet and gives performance required in a high production application.

Transfer Shuttles

Our shuttle design is similar to our hoist systems, as they are top-running on stand-alone tubular structures.  In our designs, we can use double and single-wide shuttles, based upon the control system criteria.  At completion of installation, a PVC coated chain link fence with an electronic lockout safety access gate is placed to protect employees from entering the operating area of the shuttle.

In some process lines a shuttle will be installed in a rinse tank at the end of a pre-plate line crossing over to the electroplate side of the line. The top running design of our shuttles allows it to ride on the flanges of the tank while the product is submerged.

Drying Stations

We have developed a drying system through many years of research and development, and currently offer two different methods. One uses multiple air knives in a vertical position, and dependent on the product size, it indexes the knives back and forth across the part.

A new method for drying that PRICEWalgren has developed is a dehumidifying system, which can be used in both rack and barrel applications.  Rather than forcing air directly on the part, we circulate dried, heated air through and/or across racked parts or a barrel, and then circulate the air through an offline drying system that pulls the moisture out using dehumidifier technology.

Dependent upon the system throughput capacity we will build single or multiple bay systems. If required, we can design the system for an air make-up system to be attached allowing for clean warm air to the blowers. The air knives in the system are installed in pairs that oppose each other allowing turbulence in and around the part to facilitate immediate water removal, rather than dry it on the part. The blowers that supply the air to the knives are attached directly to a plenum that will carry the air, thus eliminating any hoses and connections.

Load & Unload Stations

PRICEWalgren has also developed an exceptional ergonomic system, pioneered in 1984, before ergonomics was a trend. The stations are hydraulically activated to raise and lower so the person loading the parts never has to bend down or reach up. It is a simple trouble-free system that uses multiple stations, which accesses one common power unit in order to reduce system cost.  Our design team will match the stroke of the cylinders to the minimum and maximum part size.

Cleaning Systems

In addition to automotive and industrial applications, PRICEWalgren is working with aerospace and military facilities around the world to provide turnkey systems for cleaning, coating and chemical processing, as well as, offering NDT systems where applicable. By combining our experience since 1983 in both design and technical areas, we are able to provide world class equipment to our customers.  PRICEWalgren also designs, fabricates and installs washer systems for the painting industries.