Typical structures are fabricated using heavy wall steel tubing. Tubular steel is used primarily for its superior strength in torsion, impact damage resistance, and over all aesthetic value. There are also fewer horizontal surface areas on tubing versus ‘I’ type beam for dust and dirt to accumulate.

Price-Koch structures are commonly designed as a stand-alone system independent of the building structure. Therefore, any movement or vibration from the moving hoists is isolated from the building. The structures, using tubular rails with attached wear strips, are designed to withstand all hoists accelerating or deaccelerating at once, even in an emergency stop situation.

Gantry HoistPickling HoistSide Arm Hoist - Chrome PlatingSide Arm Hoist - Manganesse PhosphateSide Arm Hoist - Special Application 1000 lb cap

Process Hoists

A Price-Koch Industries standard is the Top-Running style of hoist.  Whether it is a gantry, a rail rider or a side arm hoist, we recommend running on top with a friction type polyurethane wheels.  The hoist is quiet and gives performance required in a high production application.  Our capacities in hoists are unlimited!

Our typical top-running Gantry Type hoist, in a plating application, is constructed using tubular steel that is powder coated in our own facility.  The pick-up skate columns are fabricated using unpainted stainless steel due to the aggressiveness of the chemicals.  The gantry type hoist has a maintenance platform attached to facilitate periodic maintenance.  Service access to the hoists is designed into our systems, as well.  In typical high-production applications, Price-Koch hoists will operate up to 250 FPM in the process area and up to 750+ FPM in the bar storage and material handling areas.

Our Rail-Rider type hoist that can be specifically designed for the application in the bar storage area with a low ceiling clearance. It can be equipped to travel at 600 FPM with a rider basket to facilitate manual loading bars in and out of the system.

Our 15,000-pound capacity Pickling Hoist can travel in excess of 400 FPM horizontally with an eight second lift time per load.