2016 With nearly 100 years of combined experience providing turnkey anodizing and plating systems, Price-Koch Industries and Walgren Company have joined the KOCH Team as PRICEWalgren, a division of George Koch Sons.

With the addition of PRICEWalgren, KOCH provides a complete range of automated surface finishing systems, including Electrocoat, Powder, Liquid, Anodizing and Plating Systems on all major substrates worldwide.

2013 George Koch Sons, another privately-held, family-owned company with a long history of helping make customers successful, acquired Price Industries.

1983 Bob Price established Price Industries to provide custom fabricating for construction and excavating companies. The very first project included automated hoists. Price Industries has provided automated systems requiring as many as 26 hoists in a wide variety of industries.


Help our customers find and implement the best solutions to their automated finishing systems, environmental, acoustical, and thermal requirements.

  • We provide automated finishing systems for all major coating technologies (liquid spray, electrocoat, and powder) on all major substrates (metal, plastics and wood). We also provides plating and anodizing systems, and automated material handling systems with the recent addition of PRICEWalgren, a division of George Koch Sons.
  • Our expertise in acoustical solutions has evolved from extensive experience with exterior sound barriers, acoustical test enclosures and personnel enclosures.
  • Our unique thermal panel construction and extensive experience in materials drying and curing provide the foundation for specialized thermal solutions.
  • Our environmental team focuses on water reuse and resource recovery, with excellent results in dramatically reducing the amount of water and chemical usage in pretreatment cleaning processes.


Grow sustainable profitability by increasing worldwide sales, executing flawlessly and innovating new products and services.


• Integrity
• Respect for People
• Customer Focus
• Continuous Improvement
• Community Involvement


Our 84,000 square foot facility is located at 5041 68th Street SE, Caledonia, Michigan, USA (near Grand Rapids, Michigan – Gerald R. Ford International Airport).