PKI ShuttlesThe Price-Koch Shuttle design is similar to the hoist systems, as they are top-running on stand-alone tubular structures.  In our designs, we can use double and single-wide shuttles, based upon the control system criteria (as shown below).  At completion of installation, a PVC coated chain link fence with an electronic lockout safety access gate is placed to protect employees from entering the operating area of the shuttle.

In some process lines a shuttle will be installed in a rinse tank at the end of a pre-plate line crossing over to the electroplate side of the line. The top running design of our shuttles allows it to ride on the flanges of the tank while the product is submerged.

Pictured below is a new rinse tank that is designed as a double shuttle that Price fabricated using SS on the inside with carbon steel bands around the outside and powder coated upon completion.